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Accepting an Invitation

If you have been invited to join your team on illu. Follow the steps to create an account and get set up.
You can complete this step on or on the illu mobile app.

Interactive Walkthrough

If you are expecting an invitation but do not see it, first contact your admin to ensure that they invited you using the correct process and are Pending in the Members List. Do NOT create a new organization.

Step by Step Walkthrough

  1. 1.
    Accept Invitation. You can accept the invitation through either the illu mobile app (iOS or Android) or at To begin, click
    at the bottom of the page.
  2. 2.
    Add your Information. Add your name and use the exact phone number that has received the invite. If you use the incorrect phone number, you will not be able to access the organization invite. Press
    to proceed.
  3. 3.
    Verify your Phone Number. You will receive an SMS with a verification code. Please enter it carefully into the website to confirm your phone number is correctly linked to your account.
    If you do not receive a verification code, please contact illu support at +1(408)214-4771 or [email protected].
  4. 4.
    Share your details. Once you have verified your phone number, you will be asked to provide your job position and email address. You can change this information later at any time in your Settings console.
  5. 5.
    Accept the invitation. You should now see a screen like this. Check that the organization name you are being invited to is correct. If so, accept the invitation.
Accept invitation screen
If you are not able to see the invite, contact your team’s Admin to confirm the organization details. If it is still incorrect, contact the illu team at [email protected] to report the issue.
Once you accept the invitation, you will have full access to your Organization’s workspace.
Notifications: If you create your account in the mobile app, be sure to select Allow Notifications in the pop up at the end of the account creation process.