🎬Example of illu in Action

There are many ways your team can use illu as it has been designed to be flexible, but here is an example of the process flow that we see most commonly.

The team at Solar 4 Lyfe runs a installation and servicing business for PV systems. They use illu at different project lifetime stages as a way to organize their processes, make sure they are compliant with technology provider's warranty restrictions, and offering high quality service to their clients.

1. Make Jobs and Job Templates

Solar 4 Lyfe uses the same hardware on most of their installations, and have created a Job Template to make it easy to create and assign new Jobs for each installation. The template includes workflows for:

  • Documenting installed Assets (OEM, model, serial numbers, etc.)

  • Pre-Work HSE Check

  • Pre-Work Site Inspection

  • Mechanical & Electrical installation, mirroring the specific product manual

  • Programming & Settings Requirements

  • Final Commissioning Checks & Energizing

  • Handover to Owner/Client

2. Duplicate the Template & Delegate

The manager creates a Duplicate of the template, and assigns it to the right technician, sets a due date, and attaches the Site. If there are specific details or information that could be useful to the on-site team, the Manager can attach them in the Notes and/or Job Photos (and files, coming soon!).

3. Team Goes to Site

When the install team reaches site, they change the Job Status to "In Progress" and get started following the workflows. Along the way, they document the requested information in the workflow steps, including photos, and confirm that they did the right thing, every step of the way.

They have wrapped up their work & documentation, and mark the Job as "Done" for the manager to review.

4. Manager Reviews & Closes the Job

The Manager prints a PDF Report of the Job to review the work completed and information collected. Once they have reviewed and verified the work, they save the PDF along with the project's other documentation (plan sets, invoices, etc.) for future reference, and marks the Job as "Closed" to confirm that no further follow-up is required.

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