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What's New in the Latest Release (v0.4.0)

Workflow Management - Folders & Tags

Better organize your organizations workflows into custom folders and with custom tags.

Incase you missed it on 0.3.0

Customizable Job Fields

Do you want to add a priority to jobs? What about tracking product serial numbers? Now, admins can set custom input fields to define what information to track on every job. Fields users will be prompted to complete any incomplete fields.

New Cleaner Look to Job Details & Workflows

Job details are getting a new look in this release, to help you focus on the important things, such as any missing info, any flagged issues, and what's up next. Workflows attached to jobs now have a clear progress bar, and the new workflow summary view allows admins to quickly jump to the step they need.

Job Search by Name and ID

Now Jobs are searchable by name and ID.

Product Roadmap

In Progress
🔐 User Access & Management
Ensure that users in the right role have access to the correct data and features, to keep everything smooth and streamlined.
Assets and Equipment Models
Oversee your organization's assets and connect them to Jobs for easier tracking
Tabular inputs in workflows
Collect data in a tabular format using Workflows
Site Tags
Add and manage tags for your Sites
Open API
Access to illu's API to build your own integrations with other platforms you use.
Map view
View selected Jobs in a map-view to help with routing planning
Bulk data export
Export Job-level data from the web app
Step input type verification
Ensure your team is logging the right information. Set the type of data you want collected on your workflow: text, numbers, pass/fail, or confirmation.
Image markup
Draw on your images to highlight areas of focus and annotate your pictures.
Offline mode
Access and edit your Jobs & Workflows while offline
Activity feed
Job-level feed that gives the history of updates to the Job
📁 Workflow folders & tags
Better organize your organizations workflows into custom folders and with custom tags
Custom Job Fields
Change your organization's default job requirements by adding new fields and dropdowns