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Workflow Library

With OEMs and industry partners, we have built a collection of ready-to-go Workflows for you to use & edit. Click on workflows below to preview and instantaneously add them to your illu organization.
What are workflows? Workflows are interactive step-by-step procedures designed for mobile devices and for clean energy frontline teams. Learn more here.
At illu, we work every day to address challenges slowing down the clean energy transition:
  • Skills Gap. Growing the renewable energy workforce to unblock bottlenecks in deployment and servicing
  • Affordability. Bringing down soft costs for system deployments to make it more affordable for more people
  • Reliability. Avoid preventable equipment failures due to poor workmanship or mistakes
and more! In service of this, we built the illu Workflow Library to make publicly accessible all the know-how on climate technologies that's currently trapped in the minds of experienced technicians or scattered checklists/manuals. We're turning all these on-the-ground processes (inspections, installation, QA/QC, documentation) into easy-to-follow workflows that anyone can share and swipe through their mobile device.

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