🧭Create/Edit Job Sites

In illu, you can populate a list of sites to track the location of your team's work.

Sites are a tool to allow you to easily categorize your work, especially by location, and are managed through the Sites Tab.

Add a Site (optional Location)

You can add a Site to your organization, along with an optional location. The location can be added through a search (addresses, locations labelled in google maps, etc.) or using coordinates (for site that you cannot search for in Google Maps).

For sites that have a location, you will be able to view Jobs for that site in the Map View and launch Google Maps on your computer or phone when you click the Site name in a Job.

In addition to using Sites for your project locations, you can also use it as a way to label or group activities that are not location-based, such as Administrative tasks.

Edit a Site Name

Edit Site Location

Delete a Site

When you delete a Site that is attached to any active Jobs, they will automatically be Closed. If you would like to access those jobs, you can filter for Jobs with the "Closed" status.

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