Workflow Provider Org

Manufacturer or industry association providing standard workflows to your contractor network

Feature Overview

Quick Start Steps

To set up the right content and access to your installer base, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Import or create your first Workflow

Workflows are the backbone of illu. They provide an easy way to share and verify common procedures in the field. Let's start off by exploring ready-to-go workflow templates in the Workflow Library.

  1. Open up the illu Workflow Library on your web browser. This includes templates for best practice solar and storage procedures, as well as brand- and model-specific processes

  2. Select a workflow to preview its details, such as this PV Grounding & Cabling Inspection

  3. Once you have found a workflow that matches your needs, click Import to pull the workflow into your newly created organization. Your workflow is now ready to be used

You can also create your workflows from scratch.

  1. Give your first workflow a name (if you're struggling to think of something, why not go with something easy like "My First Workflow" for now). You can also give your workflow a description, or skip that for now.

  2. For each step, you can do all of the following:

    1. Add a photo. A picture says more than a thousand words. Click the box at the top of the card to open a pop-up a pick an image from your media collection.

      Note: If you haven't uploaded any images yet, you can do so through the pop-up directly: just click the grey + card, select an image from your device, upload it, and then click its card to add it to your step.

    2. Add a title. This will be used in your workflow reports later.

    3. Add instructions. Write some instructions that will help your team members execute this workflow appropriately.

    4. Add an input. Workflows are a great way to gather data on the work your team members are doing. You can let them Confirm that work was done, mark a check as Pass/Fail, or collect some Text or Number input.

Step 2: Organize your workflows via tags and folders

To make your workflows easier to search, filter, and navigate for your organization and installer network. We recommend using workflow folders and tags.

Workflow folders

  1. Folders can always be moved, renamed, or deleted

Workflow tags

Step 3: Publish finalized workflows as ready to access by installers

Once your workflows are ready to be shared, you can publish them to your linked installers and also make them sharable by URL and QR code.

  1. Go to the workflow preview mode, but do not enter edit mode.

  2. Click the Unpublished button in the header at the top right hand corner

  3. Now this workflow will appear in all your linked Installer Team's workflows - under your org's name

Step 3: Invite your certified installer teams

Start inviting your certified installers and customers to access your workflows on illu. Once they join, they can browse your published workflows and execute them in their jobs.

Step 5: Invite your colleagues to join

Now it's time to invite your team. To open the Admin Console, click your Account icon in the top right of the screen. In the pop-down menu, select Admin Console

Note: Once your team members accept the invite, this will start a 14-day trial for your organization. For more information on team subscriptions, see Pricing.

  1. In the Admin Console, open the Members tab

  2. Enter the phone number and email (optional) of the team member you want to invite and select Send Invitation .

  3. Once it is registered, the phone number will appear in the Member's list with the status Pending until they accept the invitation

Now that you know how to make Workflows, invite Installer Teams, and view incoming data, you are ready to start building out your team's processes and work!

A good place to start is with any processes you already have that are well defined (for example, an existing checklist or work instruction document). This could be a commissioning checklist, a preventative maintenance inspection, etc.

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