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PV Visual Inspection and Testing

Interactive step-by-step instructions built for mobile devices
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Developed in collaboration with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) funded program.
The below workflows are aimed at inspection and testing both ground-mounted and rooftop PV systems. These workflows cover commissioning, preventative maintenance, and select corrective maintenance processes. This resource can help get a jump start on applying best practices directly in the field.

PV Testing (IEC 62446-1)

IEC 62446-1 establishes the standard for testing, documenting, and maintaining grid-connected PV systems. The standard specifically outlines protocols for direct current (DC) testing, which is used to assess the health of the system at various points of asset life.
In order to make these standards more actionable, the Department of Energy has funded a collaborative research initiative with aims to adapt NREL's published best practices guidance for solar PV O&M into digital, operational, and publicly accessible procedures.

PV Visual Inspection

Corrective Maintenance and Other Procedures